WWE Raw 2016: AJ Styles Beaten Chris Jerico In Monday Night Raw

AJ Styles who is normally seen in TNA is currently signed to WWE. The wrestler made his debut on WWE Royal Rumble 2016 and shown some great strength.

On 25th Jan 2016,  in Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles was against electrifying Chris Jericho in a main event match of RAW.

AJ Styles Beaten Chris Jericho In Monday Night Raw

Where AJ shown some great wrestling skills and beaten Chris Jericho at the end. Here is quick video of the match between AJ Styles Vs Chris Jerico happened on WWE RAW.

Full Match Highlights of AJ Styles Vs Chris Jerico RAW Match 

Will AJ Styles Appear In WrestleMania 2016?

The wrestler AJ Styles has amazed every one in Royal Rumble with his nasty performance. And after beating Chris Jerico, one of the most popular wrestler in WWE, there is no doubt that AJ Styles will make his appearance in WrestleMania 2016

WWE Mania

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