WWE Summerslam 2016 Betting Odds & Big Surprises

The biggest party of the summer will arrive this weekend in Brooklyn, New York, and we can only wonder what will happen in the show. The event is tomorrow on Sunday 21st Aug.

Several days ago we reported about the situation facing sunsets SummerSlam, but had not been announced all fighting to be played in the event.

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With the updated list, we see what decisions will have taken bettors to try to make profits.

The usual in this type of game are clear that Brock Lesnar will be imposed on Randy Orton, Sasha Banks also will retain the Women's Championship at Charlotte and Dean Ambrose successfully defend the WWE World Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

However, some options marked by players are surprising because they go against the - a priori - favorites.

Irish Finn Balor is now the superstar where people have put their money and believe they will rise to the Universal Championship after winning against Seth Rollins.

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In addition, Rusev finally take revenge on Roman Reigns and would retain the United States Championship.

Moreover, The Miz and The New Day are favorites to lose their battles against Apollo Crews and The Club, but could retain the titles.

Another striking fact is that AJ Styles has received financial support from bettors ahead of John Cena Superstar quintessential WWE.

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Summerslam 2016 Betting Odds & Surprises

Here you can see the odds of the web BETWRESTLING for the upcoming event Summerslam along with the surprises.

Remember that the figures minus sign imply what a bettor would win if would bet $ 100 and those with extremely show what a player should bet to win $ 100, so that those who have quotas " negative" are favorites in their respective bouts:

  • Brock Lesnar vs. -400 Randy Orton +280
  • Universal WWE Championship : -160 Vs. Finn Balor Seth Rollins +120
  • WWE World Championship: -750 Vs. Dean Ambrose Dolph Ziggler +450
  • WWE Women's Championship : Sasha Banks vs. -1500 Charlotte +700
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship : The Miz vs. +160 Apollo Crews -210
  • US Championship WWE : Rusev - 285 vs. Roman Reigns +205
  • John Cena vs. +210 AJ Styles -290
  • Couple WWE Championships : The New Day vs. +290 Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson -245
  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. -750 Jeriko +450
  • First match of the series to 7: Cesaro vs. +105 Sheamus -145
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