What's Next For Dean Ambrose If He Retains His Title In WWE SummerSlam 2016?

Dean Ambrose, the current WWE Champion, comes in a winning streak that allowed him to take this award to SmackDown Live and soon there came a rival unexpected. Dolph Ziggler blonde, who is eager to succeed.

Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler At Summerslam 2016

Although it is a match that will certainly leave a good taste in your mouth among fans, including those who were in doubt about whether Ziggler really deserved to be in this fight, the fact is that the reign of Ambrose is seriously threatened and this is sees strong enough to defend the August 21, 2016 from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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And while we're two long weeks away from SummerSlam 2016 and everything can change, Steve Carrier reports from the website All Wrestling News, what are the plans actual for the future of "The Middle Lunatic" if it went as winner against Dolph Ziggler and managed to retain the WWE Championship. This is what it says:

"Current plans WWE is that AJ Styles into a rivalry with Dean Ambrose.

For now, company officials felt that AJ Styles still had unfinished business with John Cena and so was the meeting between the two at SummerSlam 2016 was agreed . "

Would you like Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles enter soon into a rivalry , so it was untitled involved?

Don't forget to miss the live action of Summerslam on Sunday, when the champion will take on Dolph Ziggler at summerslam main event.
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