Wrestlers To Watch Out At WWE Summerslam 2016

WWE Summerslam 2016 is decided to take place on 21st August at Brooklyn, NewYork City. After the recent draft of WWE, there is so much changed now in both the shows Raw and SmackDown.

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Dean Ambrose, the current World Heavyweight Champion is gone to SmackDown, which lefts RAW with no more title. As a result, the new General Manager, McFolley and Stephanie McMahon decided to launch a new title, i.e. WWE Universal Championship for RAW.

This would be the first time when the championship would be introduced in any events of WWE, and what could be better than Summerslam 2016.

Here we gonna talk about the biggest Superstars, fighters, current champions, titles, wrestlers, guests, that gonna appear in 29th edition of Summerslam blockbuster.

1. Dean Ambrose, World Heavyweight Champion

The current champion and the attitude GUY, Dean Ambrose is talking these days with his moves all around.

Earlier, the wrestler won the Money In The Bank and cashed it on same day to beat Seth Rolling for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

After, Ambrose defended his title in a triple threat match against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battleground.

And now this time, the Champion would be up against Dolh Ziggler at Summerslam 2016.

2. Finn Balor, The Future Face of WWE

Balor suprised everyone on his birthday at Monday Night Raw, when the wrestler defeated Roman Reigns for the number one contender for Summerslam. The match was interesting and at the end it was Balor who crossed the line. Now the fighter will face Seth Rollins at WWE Summerslam 2016 for WWE Universal Championship.

Balor hold the NXT Championship earlier for 292 days and he is clearly the future WWE Superstar.

It would be tought for Seth Rollins to face Finn Balor. The wrestler can't take him lightly as the Balor given a clear message after defeating the Reigns at Monday Night Raw.

3. Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Jonh Cena & AJ Styles

Only these superstars will not have a title match against each other at Summerslam 2016.

Brock Lesnar will face the Randy Orton for the second time. Last time when both wrestlers met was 15 years back.

Randy Orton, the Viber challenged the Beast, giving a solid message that he is ready to take a challenge on anyone and Brock accpeted it.

On the other side, Cena and Stylish have a rivalry which is 5 months old now since Cena's comeback. So far, both have met twice and have 1-1 pinfall. This would be the third face-off between the two.

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