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Royal Rumble 2017 Live Updates

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Match Cards, Predictions & TV Schedule

The first stop to Wrestlemania, i.e. Royal Rumble 2017 is coming back to the San Antonio city of Texas. Royal Rumble is another pay-per-view event of WWE and it will be held on 29th January, Sunday. It would be the 30th edition of Royal Rumble.

This would be a huge event for all the WWE fans across the events. The Royal Rumble tickets are already on sale. Total of 65000 audiences are expected to attend the Royal Rumble event which would be featuring several superstars like Undertaker, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Ownen, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin and others. Whoever wins the 30-men royal rumble match will fast forward to the mega event Wrestlemania 2017.

royal rumble match predictions

The event will have various title matches like WWE Universal Championship between Kevin Owens Vs Roman Reigns, Intercontinental Championship between Dean Ambrose Vs The Miz, World Heavyweight Championship between AJ Styles Vs John Cena, Women's Championship between Charlotte Vs Bayley and of course the main event - 30-men royal rumble match.

Undertaker made a chilling announcement on WWE Raw and cleared the rumors that he will be entering into the Royal Rumble match and in his interview he said, there would be 29 holes for 29 souls.

Earlier, Goldberg made it clear on Raw, that at Royal Rumble, everybody is NEXT.

There is so much buzz, predictions there at Royal Rumble, who's gonna win it. What you think? Who is your favorite?

The Royal Rumble event (kickoff show) will begin at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT/9 AM AEST on January 30th.

The Main show will start at 7 PM ET/4PM PT/10 AM AEST on Jan 30th.

Where to watch Royal Rumble Live?

The Royal Rumble live streaming will be available on WWE Network. The website can be browsed on PS4, Sony Internet-connected TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One.

Royal Rumble Match Cards 2017:
  • 2017 Royal Rumble Match: Undertaker, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and other 27 wrestlers. 
  • AJ Styles vs John Cena for WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • Kevin Ownes Vs Roman Reigns for Universal Championship
  • Dean Ambrose Vs The Miz for Intercontinental Championship
  • Rich Swann Vs Neville for Cruiserweight Championship
  • Sheamus and Cesaro (c) vs The Club for WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
  • Charlotte Vs Bayley for Women's Championship

Watch Rich Swann Vs Neville WWE Royal Rumble Live Stream 2017

Neville, the challenger will finally take on Rich Swann for the King of the Cruiserweight Championship. Watch both the superstars taking on each other at Royal Rumble 2017 Live on 29th January, in San Antonio, Texas.

Neville finally has the opportunity for the Cruiserweight title after making his come back to the Monday Night Raw. No doubt Neville has been dominating and won every single match that he faced whether it was with TJ Perkins or against Rich Swann.

wwe royal rumble live streaming

On the other side, Rich Swann has successfully defended his title at RoadBlock, against Perkins and Brain Kendrick. But this time for Swann, Neville would be hard to beat. He already considers himself the champion.

What you think? Who's gonna win on 29th?

Don't miss to catch the Royal Rumble live action on 29th January, Sunday. 

Watch Dean Ambrose Vs The Miz Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream

Dean Ambrose will defend his Intercontinental Championship Title against The Miz on Sunday 29th at Royal Rumble 2017. This would be the 30th edition of WWE pay-per-view event Royal Rumble where several superstars like Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Seth Rollins, Shawn Michaels, Roman Reigns, etc will be appearing. The Royal Rumble online live streaming of Dean Ambrose Vs Miz match would be officially available on WWE Network.

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Dean won the Intercontinental title at SmackDown Live last week by defeating Miz. Earlier, several times both the players faced each other for the title match but some how the Miz managed to retain the title by some hook and crook.

But this time, Dean managed to defeat the Miz and became the NEW Intercontinental Champion. The Miz however, asked for a rematch and that's gonna happen at Royal Rumble 2017.

royal rumble 2017 live streaming online

When Is Royal Rumble 2017 - Date, Time & Schedule

Royal Rumble is scheduled on 29th January, Sunday.

Start Time of the event is 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

Another pay-per-view professional wrestling event of WWE - Royal Rumble 2017 and the first one of the new year 2017 is coming on January 29th, Sunday at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. This will be the second time when Royal Rumble will be held at Alamodome after 1997.

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This would be the 30th edition of Royal Rumble, where wrestling stars of Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live will take part. The live streaming of the event will be available on WWE Network.

royal rumble 2017 date

Royal Rumble 2017 - Match Cards & More

Superstars like Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are already confirmed to fight on 30-man Royal Rumble match for world championship match at WrestleMania 33.

Tha match cards and players that are already confirmed for Royal Rumble 2017 are as follows:

2017 Royal Rumble Match: 30-man Royal Rumble match battling for the world championship.

Kevin Owens (c) Vs Roman Reigns: Both the wrestlers will face each other again at Royal Rumble 2017 for WWE Universal Championship title. Chris Jericho will be out of the ring as he is suspended by the WWE Raw Manager McFoley to not interrupt between the match.

AJ Styles (c) Vs John Cena: John Cena made a comeback and challenged AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Title at Royal Rumble 2017, on 29th January, Sunday. If Cena wins he will break Ric Flair's record of holding most world titles.

Charlotte Vs Bayley: Charlotte will take on Bayley on Sunday defending her Women's Champion title at Royal Rumble match.

Dean Ambrose Vs The Miz: The Miz has challenged the Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose at Royal Rumble 2017 for the title.

The 30-men Royal Rumble Match 2017 Live Stream

The biggest Royal Rumble event is coming to San Antonio's city on Sunday, 29th January, where thirty superstars will compete for the Wrestlemania 33 for WWE Universal Championship or World Heavyweight Championship.

royal rumble match 2017 live stream

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are already confirmed for the Royal Rumble match. Both the superstars are from Raw. Braun Strowman is also going to appear in Royal Rumble 2017. Recently, the Lon Wolf from SmackDown is also declared for Royal Rumble.

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WWE Network will cover the royal rumble live stream online on 29th January, Sunday. The streaming will be pay-per-view and it will begin at 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT.

So far the following superstars are confirmed for the 30-men battling at Royal Rumble 2017:

  1. The Undertaker
  2. Goldberg
  3. Brock Lesnar
  4. Big E
  5. Xavier Woods
  6. Kofi Kingston
  7. Braun Strowman
  8. Chris Jericho
  9. Baron Corbin 

Royal Rumble Live Stream - Charlotte Flair Vs Bayley Women's Championship

Bayley makes it to the Royal Rumble 2017 and will face now Charlotte Flair for Raw Women's Championship match. The official royal rumble live stream will be available on WWE Network on 29th January, Sunday. Charlotte has been successful in 2016 as a Women's Champion. Lastly, she defeated Shasha Banks at RoadBlock, which was the last event of 2016 and became the new Women's champion.

Bayley who faced the number 1 contender match at last Monday Night Raw has defeated her opponent and qualified for Royal Rumble match. Bayley can give a tough fight to Charlotte at WWE Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble is another pay-per-view event of WWE which will be taking place at San Antonio's Alamodome. This would be the 30th annual edition of Royal Rumble.

Don't miss the live streaming action here on Sunday. Do let us know what you think and who is your favorite for WWE Women's Championship title.

charlotte vs bayley royal rumble live stream

Watch Kevin Ownes Vs Roman Reigns Royal Rumble Live Stream

Watch the huge Universal Championship match on 29th January Sunday, on 30th annual Royal Rumble event. The online royal rumble live streaming will be available on award-winning network -

Kevin Ownes will be facing Romain Reigns at Royal Rumble 2017 for the WWE Universal Championship on 29th January, Sunday. Yes, the GUY will have another opportunity to seize the title for himself after losing it earlier at Roadblock.

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This time Chris Jericho will be suspended in a cage above the ring, as the Raw General Manager, Mick Foley has made this decision in Monday Night Raw. So, there won't be any interruption from high tech real Chris Jericho, some troubles for Kevin Ownes as well, as he would not have any support from his friend this time.

royal rumble 2017 live stream

Jericho will be there above the ring, almost 20 feet locked in a shark cage.

This would be a great chance for Roman Reigns, the challenger to steal the WWE Universal Championship from Kevin Ownes and have both the titles. 

Watch AJ Styles Vs John Cena Royal Rumble 2017 Live Stream

The mega event of WWE- Royal Rumble 2017 is on 29th January, Sunday at Texas. Lots of fights will take place and one of them is between AJ Styles and John Cena.

Yes, John Cena made his comeback to Tuesday Night SmackDown last week and straight away Cena challenged AJ Styles for World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble 2017.

This would be a historic chase for John Cena for his 16th World Title which AJ Styles accepted.

aj styles vs john cena royal rumble live stream

AJ Styles Vs John Cena Royal Rumble 2017 Match Preview 

If Cena defeats Styles on 29th Jan, he would break Rick Flair records, holding the most number of World Title ever (currently the WWE Hall of Fame). John Cena will have his name registered on records if he defeats AJ Styles on Sunday and of course, he will be "the Face that Runs the Place".

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Earlier Cena had his chances when the challenger faced AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose in a triple thread match at WWE No Mercy, where he had to face a defeat against the champion.

Cena had a tough season at SmackDown live with a low profile which of course caused him a low fan following. But the Champ is here again now to make some noise and who knows, he might beat AJ Styles at Royal Rumble and pass the famous Rick Flair.

AJ Styles Vs John Cena Royal Rumble Live Stream 

Don't forget to miss the live action of WWE Royal Rumble when AJ Styles will face John Cena in World Championship match. The Royal Rumble live streaming will be officially broadcast on WWE Network.

What you think? Will John Cena defeat the Phenomenal AJ Styles and become the new World Heavyweight champion? 

Book WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Tickets Online

It's Royal Rumble time baby! Yes, the biggest event of WWE pay-per-view is coming to the San Antonio, Texas in 2017. The Royal Rumble will take place on 29th January, Sunday. The Royal Rumble live streaming would be available on WWE official network and it will start at 7 PM ET.

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This would be the 30th edition of Royal Rumble which WWE will host at Alamodome. The event tickets are on sale online and general public tickets are open for booking from 14th October.

royal rumble 2017 tickets

This is the must awaited show for WWE fans and they will be super excited to see the greatest superstars like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar (who are already confirmed for the event) on 29th January.

Where To Buy Royal Rumble 2017 Tickets?

The Royal Rumble tickets can be purchased easily from The fans can also use the coupon code "ALAMODOME" while purchasing their show tickets to avail special discount (this would be exclusive to American Express card holders)

Websites like,,,, will also allow the booking of royal rumble event tickets.

The crowd is supposed to be a jammed pack on Sunday to see superstars like Roman Reigns, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Undertaker, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Randy Orton and others. More than 70,000 people are expected to attend the show. 

Watch Bill Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar Live At Survivor Series 2016

Bill Goldberg has made his return after 12 years to Monday Night Raw again. As soon as he made his entrance to Raw, he was cleared with his battle list and guess what who's NEXT? It's Brock Lesnar.

Yes, with his return, Goldberg made a clear statement to the WWE arena, that he is going to face Brock Lesnar for a fight, one-on-one, for a pinfall or submission.

Goldberg has been dominated the WWE ring in starting off his career. He has been undefeated and has won World Heavyweight Championship two times, with 173 wins on his name.

Survivor Series Live Streaming
Goldberg Vs Lesnar

Goldberg challenged Lesnar, the Beast in carnage for a re-match of what had happened in Wrestlemania, where Goldberg lost to Lesnar.

The WWE announced that both the wrestlers will have a face-off at Survivor Series 2016, which is just now three weeks left.

The Survivor series is on Sunday 20th November 2016. The live telecast will be available on WWE network.

Paul Heyman in an interview on Raw said that he is confident with his client, Brock Lesnar, and he is going to dominate the Goldberg.

So, who you think gonna win? Will it be the Suplex City or the Sphere?

Don't forget to watch Goldberg Vs Lesnar at Survivor Series live at 7ET/4 PT Protection Status

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